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Substance Addiction and the Future of Recovery

Monday Dec. 5, 2016, 6:00–7:30pm

Join Dan Ronken, MA, LADC, for a free talk on his view of substance addiction and the pathways to recovery. Most people know someone whose life has been negatively affected by addiction in one form or another. It can be frustrating and heartbreaking to watch someone continue with harmful behavior despite negative consequences. But using substances serves a purpose and that purpose is different for everyone. These individual differences matter profoundly.  In this talk, Dan will delve deeper and further explain the following statements:

- Addiction begins with curiosity and ends with pain.

- Nutrition and movement influence recovery.

- Recovery also allows for connection, joy, gratitude, and adventure. 

Please join us. All are welcome, and it is free to attend.

Dan Ronken, M.A, LADC, has been helping people explore the benefits and challenges of substance use for over 15 years.

Dan is a long time pursuer of novelty, which has led him to experience some of life’s greatest highs as well its painful lows. In all of these instances, he has sought deeper meaning.


In his previous career, as the founder of a small marketing agency, Dan loved the conversations with his clients but found himself wanting more. Becoming a therapist has allowed for deeper and more meaningful conversations. 


Dan’s approach to therapy is influenced by Humanistic Psychology, Existential Therapy, Yoga, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, and Motivational Interviewing. For more information please visit Inclusion Recovery


Dan's hobbies include biking, eating sushi, reading, hiking, yoga, skiing, camping, and traveling.  He has been described as kind, positive, adventurous, joyful, entrepreneurial, and a risk-taker.

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