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Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection


A single introductory talk, with the option of taking the three week follow-up course

-Have you ever wondered why your back pain won't go away, no matter how many treatment modalities you've tried?


-Have you had the thought that you're storing difficult emotions in your body?


-Are you fascinated by the mind-body-spirit relationship, but would like to understand it more deeply and have it mapped out more clearly?


Come join us for a fascinating discussion on how emotions, relationships, and spiritual issues affect the body, and how psychological trauma can lead to physical ailments.



Over the past twenty years, there has been rapid growth in people's awareness of the relationship between the mind and the body.  Although it has long been recognized that stress compromises one's immune system, more recently people have begun to go further with this insight and accept that emotional pain or repressed anger get stored in their bodies and manifest in symptoms such as back pain or chronic fatigue.  Caroline Myss's phrase, "your biography becomes your biology," captures this important, but not well understood idea.   Although this basic level of mind-body awareness has exploded since the 90s, it still remains a mystery to most people how exactly our psychology impacts our body.  And, the even more important question of how we identify what needs to happen in our "mind" to help alleviate the maladies in our "body" remains obscure.


In this talk, Lance Hauge, will go beyond the now commonplace idea that your mind affects your body, and introduce an integrative view of health that explains the relationship between not only mind and body, but also emotions, relationships, and the human spirit.  He will detail how emotional, relational, and spiritual patterns (often caused by pain or trauma) result in physical ailments, and he will discuss the path towards healing.  He will draw from a variety of healing traditions--from Western medicine, psychoanalysis and structural bodywork, to movement therapies, energy healing, and comparative spirituality.



Mon. May 5, 2014, 6:30pm

Presented by Lance Hauge.  $20.  Drinks and snacks provided.

 Email us to tell us you're coming, or just show up!


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