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Integral Group Therapy Approach for Recovery from Substance Addictions


Monday 12/15 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Presented by Dan Ronken

Free and open to all in the helping professions


Dan Ronken will offer an overview of his project of developing an integral approach to recovery from addictions.  This approach addresses a wider range of human needs than standard approaches--addressing the mind, body, soul and community. Pointing out the limitations of existing treatment protocols for people in recovery, Dan will highlight a number of improvements to existing models.  By taking an integral approach to addiction and the recovery process, this presentation will cover the following:


  • The current state of addiction and treatment

  • The multifaceted nature of the addictive and recovery process

  • New avenues for more effective group therapy:

-Social needs and interest (drawing from Adlerian Theory)

-Inter and Intra-personal needs

-Physical needs

-Psychological needs

-Spiritual needs (finding meaning)



Please join us for this exploration of an alternative approach to recovery.

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