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How We Hold Emotions in our Body

...and how to release them.


Presentation & Demonstration


Wed. Jan. 28th, 2015, 7-9pm


Presented by Lance Hauge, Yvette Erasmus, & David Thompson



"Your biography becomes your biology." - Caroline Myss



Come join us for a fascinating discussion and demonstration of how emotions and relationships affect the body, and how psychological trauma can lead to physical ailments.



Over the past twenty years, there has been rapid growth in people's awareness of the relationship between the mind and the body.  Although it has long been recognized that stress compromises one's immune system, more recently people have begun to go further with this insight and accept that emotional pain or repressed anger get stored in their bodies and manifest in symptoms such as back pain or chronic fatigue.


This presentation will begin with a basic overview of how difficult emotions and unsatisfying relational patterns can result in physical ailments.  We will then explore a number of ways to work with these mind-body problems.  Finally, Lance Hauge will give a demonstration using an audience member of how we can see the emotional holding patterns in a person's body.  He will also talk about how to work towards releasing these holding patterns.


This talk is open to the public and will be held at:


3808 Grand Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55409


Space is limited, email us now to register.


For more info, email us.


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