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We are very sorry to say that all of our groups are now filled with Integral Psychotherapy clinic staff and trainees.




  • Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Class


Mind-Body Healing, Energy Healing Theory & Practice Group


Lance Hauge leads this group, presenting a range of theories that underpin mind-body healing, energy medicine, and the interrelationship between spirituality, mental health, and physical health. He leads exercises to help the group members learn and refine their mind-body awarness as well as their own intuitive healing and energetic healing abilities.  Lance also offers demonstrations of different techniques.  The group features lively discussions on a range of related topics.


Group meets weekly, Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm.  Led by Lance Hauge.  $25/session.

Contact Lance to join.



  • Mind Body Skills Groups 


When facing a particularly difficult health or life challenge, a deeper understanding of the connection between what happens externally (life!) and internally (your body, mind and spirit) can be the key to healing. What you’ll learn in Mind-Body Skills Groups can be used to relieve symptoms, and to transform the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.


Begin the journey towards self-discovery, optimal health, and reduced stress in a safe, supportive and intimate environment. We’ll explore a variety of mind-body techniques including meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, movement, journal writing, drawing and more.


Read more about these groups at the Center for Mind Body Medicine.  


Next Group: Fall 2015  (10 session group)

$349 includes biofeedback device 

Limited to 8 people 

Some partial scholarships may be available


Please contact Yvette Erasmus if you have more questions or would like to register for the Winter group.  



For Mental Health Providers: 


  • Consultation Groups

All consultation groups focus on discussing clinical cases and providing support and guidance for therapy/healing work as well as using case examples as a way of better understanding and applying theory.  Consultation groups are eligible for Continuing Education credit.



Integral-Relational Psychology Consultation Group - A small group of therapists interested in participating in a consultation group that has a Relational emphasis (Object Relations, Self Psychology, Relational Psychoanalysis, Humanistic, Existential theories) integrated with a Depth Psychology perspective (Jungian, Archetypal).  We focus on the group members' clinical cases and use the Relational Psychodyanmic perspective to understand the relational, emotional, and transference dynamics.  Additionally we focus on the spiritual/religious/existential dimensions of any variety of human suffering (depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addiction, etc.).

Group meets Fridays, 12:00pm.  Led by David Thompson. $20/session




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