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Classes at Chiron

Both general interest and provider specific offerings

We no longer offer classes to the public.  All of our training takes place through our clinic, Integral Psychotherapy.


Past classes:


 Relational-Psychodynamic Theory

Post-Graduate Training Course

Sep. 2014 through May 2015

First Wednesday evening of each month.

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  • Overview of Jungian/Archetypal psychology:   Understanding the basic assumptions of the Jungian perspective--the collective unconscious and archetypes.  Exploring "the process of individuation," the concepts of the shadow and the anima/animus, the archetypal "hero's journey," and the role of dreams and myth in the individual's journey.


  • Understanding the mind-body-spirit relationship:  How emotion, relationships, psychology, and spiritual factors manifest in the physical body.  Borrowing a phrase from Caroline Myss, how "your biography becomes your biology."  How to treat somatic symptoms from a mind-body perspective.  The relationship between somatic psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, bodywork, and spiritual practice.


  • Relationships: The great spiritual challenge of our time:  Why are relationships so difficult in our age?  This talk explores the sociological and psychological history of human relationships, with special focus on romantic partnerships.  We will see how the current challenging state of relationships in American culture is part of a larger spiritual, evolutionary challenge facing humankind.


  • Introduction to Relational Theory in Psychotherapy: This talk traces the evolution from the objective, 1-person theories of psychotherapy to the intersubjective, 2-person theories.  We will cover the difference in conceptions of transference/countertransference, psychopathology, therapists use of self, the role of emotion and enactment.


  • Introduction to Integral Psychology: We will explore the integration of theory and technique in the practice of psychotherapy.  We will discuss an integrative model that makes use of psychoanalysis (especially objection relations, relational theory,and Kleinian), Jungian psychology, Existential psychology, Transpersonal psychology, and how these depth-oriented theories can be integrated with Cognitive, Behavioral, and Solution-Focused approaches.


  • Overview of Transpersonal Psychology and Existential Psychology: We will explore the theories of Rollo May, Erich Fromm, Kirk Schneider, Irving Yalom, Ken Wilber, Stan Grof, Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, and Eckhart Tolle.


  • Post-postmodern Spirituality & Religion: The Western worldview of the middle ages was founded on the church and Christian dogma.  The Scientific Revolution, Marxist and Freudian critiques, and Nietzsche's "god is dead" declaration gave way to a Modern atheism that is dominant in academia today.  The Postmodern world deconstructed all "metanarratives" and left the individual quite disoriented and alone.  Where do we go from here?  We will explore possbilities found in Integral theory, Eastern philosophy, Process theology, Esoteric spirituality, and Evolution of Consciousness.

Often attending a single session talk is a good way to get a taste for what is covered in the classes, which vary in length from a few weeks to many weeks.





  • Relational Psychodymanic TheoryThis class will begin by laying out the basics of psychoanalytic theory.  Although many are familiar with these ideas, we will emphasize making the ideas clearly understandable.  We will contrast Freudian, Classical, Ego-psychology with the "relational model" theories of Klien, Oject Relations, Self Psychology, and Relational Psychoanalysis.  We will explain human development and psychopathology from a psychodynamic perspective.  We will then focus on the Relational approach and it's use in clinical practice.  We will work to understand how the individual's relational patterns shape his/her life and how to use transference/countertransference, enactment, and the emotional relationship between patient and therapist to facilitate change.  Clinical examples will be used actively throughout.  For more info, click here.


  • Depth Psychology: This class aims to provide a foundational understanding of Jungian and Archetypal psychology juxtaposed to the tradition of psychoanalysis.  The unconscious will be explored at length, from the perspective of many of the most prominent Depth thinkers--Freud, Jung, Adler, Fairbairn, Sullivan, Klein, and Stephen Mitchell.  We will build a solid understanding of Jung's concept of the collective unconscious and the archetypes--including their relevance both for the well-being of the individual's psyche, the well-being of society, and the alternate worldview and theology they imply.  We will explore the importance of dreams, the arts, literature, philosophy, and religion/spirituality in human psychology, and we will practice working with dreams.  The ideas of shadow/persona, the Self, the Process of Individuation, Anima/Animus, and coniunctio oppositorium will all be discussed in depth.  Unlike most courses on Jungian thought, we will also spend time on critiques of the Jungian perspective and explore the always fascinating, often troubling life of Carl Jung.


  • Mind-Body-Spirit Healing: This class begins with an explanation of how the individual's emotions, relationships, trauma, and spritual/existential issues affect his/her physical body and can lead to physical symptoms.  We emphasize how many physical ailments are ultimately rooted in emotional-relational-spiritual dynamics and how curing such physical ailments cannot neglect the emotion-relational-spiritual aspect of the person.  We explore a wide range of healing modalities: psychotherapy, bodywork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Western medicine, energy healing, intuitive healing, and esoteric/occult practice.




Past talks:


 - The Integral-Relational Approach to Psychotherapy, Thur. Jan. 23, 2014, 6:30pm  Click here for more info.


 - Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Relationship, Mon. May 5, 2014, 6:30pm.  Click here for more info.


 - Relational Theory in Psychotherapeutic Practice, Wed. May 21, 2014, 6:30pm.  Click here for more info.


 - Overview of Jungian/Archetypal/Depth Psychology, Wed. Sep. 24, 2014, 6:30pm.  Click here for more info


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