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Chiron is a group focused on the in-depth study of

human relationships, psychology, spirituality, and integrative health.

There is a growing movement in psychology and the healing arts based on an awareness of:


  • the centrality of relational patterns in human life and the necessity of engaging these patterns to facilitate deep and lasting change

  • the importance of seeing well-being from an integrative perspective that reckons with mind, body and soul

  • the value in the exploration of the deeper realms of the human psyche through the arts, dreams, myth, spirituality, and esoteric studies

Despite growing interest in these areas, mainstream educational institutions have been slow to embrace this movement.   Students often enter graduate training expecting to study the dynamics of human relationship patterns; how our emotions manifest in our bodies; or explore the role of spiritual and existential questions in human development. Instead, students find they are asked to memorize diagnostic criteria or learn evidence-based research protocol.  As a result, a growing number of therapists and healers come away from their schooling feeling disappointed, and hungry for what they hoped psychology would be: the study (logos) of the soul (psyche).


Chiron was formed in 2014 aiming to fill this need by providing lectures, groups, and courses that grapple with these questions.  However, by 2017 our training clinic--Integral Psychotherapy--had grown to the point that our clinic interns and staff filled our training capacity and we were no longer able to continue offering groups and trainings to the public on a regular basis.  We still offer occasional groups and talks, however they are fairly infrequent.  Please sign up on our email list to be notified of any events we are holding.

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